Co-founders Spencer & Linda grew up together in New York attending Hunter College Campus Schools from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Due to a dispute over pokemon trading cards in 2nd grade, they considered each other mortal enemies until high school when they put aside their differences and ended up becoming best friends. After High School, Linda went to Boston College where she immersed herself in the world of computer science and mobile app development. Spencer spent a year working in EdTech while he fenced internationally for Team USA before ultimately attending The University of Chicago to study economics. The pair concluded that a perfect set of circumstances was brewing for a new social network to come and redefine the game. Realizing that this was not an opportunity that could wait, they co-founded Besst and are now working tirelessly to bring their revolutionary vision to fruition.

Besst Team


A former internationally competitive fencer for Team USA, Spencer won $5m in contracts at his last venture before attending The University of Chicago to study Economics. 


Spencer Gordon-Sand

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After studying business at Penn State, Diag worked in behavioral marketing and dynamic data analytics for several companies before completing a Masters of math & stats at Georgetown. Now a PhD in the Behavioral Economics department at Booth, Diag brings with him a team of data scientists through his firm Alkimie Data Labs.

Head of Data Science

Diag Davenport 


After teaching iOS and randomness at Boston College, Linda worked as a product manager for WePay at JP Morgan while also developing her own social media app, Mac Daddy.


Linda Chen

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A veteran app developer, Dan has over 6 years of experience doing contract work for fortune 500 companies including McDonalds and has held senior positions at several startups.

Head of Product

Dan Hahm