Announcing Besst - A look at what we're working on

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Welcome to our blog! If you’ve visited our site before, you might have noticed our new look. We are incredibly excited to announce the name and branding of our app! Want to prove that you’re the best among your friends? Prove it using Besst! We decided we need a name and style that truly conveys the kind of company have have built over the past few months - one that is vibrant, diverse, and ready to disrupt and transform social interaction to include a competitive twist! As our beta testing gets underway, we realized that we can’t contain our excitement. Our branding needs to show the public just how excited we are here at the Besst office in downtown Chicago. Follow us on all of our social media so you can stay in the loop, and be the first to know when the Besst app hits the app store!