NCAA Fencing Fantasy Draft 2019 Sponsored by Radical Fencing

March Stabness is going on strong. Since there's a prize, I'm going to define the rules a little more closely: Everyone has 12 fencers, at the end of the championships whoever's team has the most total wins will be crowned the winner. In the event of a tie, the first tiebreaker will be whoever selected the most overall champions, The second tiebreaker will be whoever's selected team has the highest total indicator, followed by touches scored. In the event of more than one person winning with the exact same team, I will see what we can do about splitting the prize. 


We reserve the right to update these rules in the event that any issues or unforeseen circumstances occur and will do so with the utmost fairness in mind. 


Winner gets a Sorcerer Fencing bag from Radical Fencing  



2019 Fantasy Draft Champion:

Alexander Mason