Want to Join the Team?

Besst Company Values


This is the most important thing. Understand that perfection is unattainable, but always strive for it. You don’t need to love every second of your work here, you definitely won’t, but you need to care. A small amount of really well-done work is worth more than lots of mediocre work because mediocre work is worthless. If you are not personally invested in the success of what you’re working on then you shouldn’t be working on it. 



You have a dual responsibility to be passionate about your work and to inspire others you work with. Excellence is contagious.



Execution is more important than ideas. Stupid ideas can be wildly successful when executed extremely well. Great ideas can fail miserably if the granular details of the execution are ignored. 


Respect people's time.

Really passionate and talented people don’t want to spend a ton of time trying to figure out what they should be working on, they want to spend time passionately working with as little friction as possible, and trust that their tasks are important. If you are a project lead your job is to inspire that confidence. Lead and support roles are not indicators of relative intelligence or worth, it’s a question of optimal time allocation. Everyone will play both roles. 



Say what you’re thinking. Don’t dance around the point. Disagreeing with someone's idea isn’t personal. It’s offensive to lie not to disagree. This doesn’t mean be rude. Respect people’s emotional investment in the ideas they bring forth.  Always justify your disagreements. If you are asked for an opinion, give one or give a reason why you can’t. Flippancy is the greatest sin.



Shit do be like that sometimes. Own your mistakes and tell people about them. See what the takeaway is and what next steps can fix it. It’s rude to see a mistake and not point it out. When mistakes are found we focus on next steps and takeaways, not blame or repercussions. Don’t be an asshole about it. Say “let’s fix the spelling here” not “you spelled this wrong.” There’s a meaningful difference there. Mistakes and sub-optimal output are not meaningfully different, they both need to be identified and rectified, not punished. 



If everyone thinks your idea is good then you are being lied to or it’s not ambitious enough. If no one ever told you were insane, then you are playing it safe. We don’t play it safe. Perpetual disruption and tactical madness is our version of normalcy. We don’t want it any other way.